Characters of 27stars by Shukuyo Senpou
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昴   宿

Sentiment & Art

You are the luckiest
shuku of the 27shukus. The people born under this shuku are sensitive and have a silver tongue. You show your ability in literature, art and so on. You are fashionable and have a passion for famous brands. Try to be patient and keep calm. And the future will be brighter and more peaceful.
Be careful about:                                                                    
The action of baring your feelings by anger and blaming somebody will cause to call bad fortune. Be careful especially for your partner and children.

畢  宿

Vigor & Toughness

The people born under this
shuku have the greatest physical vigor of the 27 shukus. You are vigorous and plucky. You are calm and composed. You carry yourself with the majesty of a king. If you use your abundant energy to help people, your life will be blessed with wealth and happiness.                      
Be careful about:                                                                  
You are good-natured, but you have a hard time controlling your impulses. You have strong self-consciousness and force your ideas even on your family. Sometimes you lack consideration for others. Then you have to be careful.

觜 宿

Patience &
Ability to Speak

shuku is said to be that of property. You are sincere and honest. You are smart and talented. You are favored by your superiors and help people around you. If you live a free and flexible life, you will be thought highly of by others.   Be careful about:                                                                     
It is the key to happiness not to quarrel with others, as you are short-tempered. You are particular about people and things. There is a case you try to reject those you don’t like. So be aware of that.

参 宿 (Shinshuku)

Justice & Fearlessness

Those born under this shuku are said to have a strong personality and do the best you can for others. You have a clear head, a strong sense of justice and the ability to do something immediately. People will be filled with renewed vigor and joys, impressed by your great vitality and energy.
Be careful about:                                                                 
Your stubborn attitude in persisting in your opinion and self-opinionated way of thinking will bring about severe consequences. Be careful as your bold and fearless action can put you at risk.

井 宿

Theory & Wisdom

You are said to be the best at theorizing of the 27shukus. You are learned and sensible. You will be more respected for if you cultivate people. Strangely, all kinds of bad luck pass you by.                                                      
Be careful about                                                              

Although you are compassionate and kind, you strike at someone’s weak point occasionally. Be aware and be careful not to be deceived or involved in a trouble, as you are actually a person of good natured .

鬼 宿

Love & Mercy

You have ability to know right from wrong and tell good luck from bad luck,
as you possess a fine sensibility. You are dutiful to your parents and you are a hard worker. Having strong belief in your religion and holding memorial services for your ancestors will bring health and happiness to you.
Be careful about:                                                                    
As you are a busy bee, you do your best for others, sacrificing yourself. Your later life will be calm and peaceful. You will enjoy longevity. You may get hurt or injured. But praying for divine protection will bring good fortune to you.

柳 宿 (Ryuushuku)

Popularity & Wealth

Your You were born under the lucky
shukus. You will have good luck all through life. You grow your social status with the help of your family and friends. The source of happiness comes from your heartfelt thanks to those who support you.                   
Be careful about:                                                                  

You need to always thank those who support you so that you can satisfy
your desires. Otherwise you will lose your luck. So take heed of this.

星 宿

Courage & Dynamism

You are said to be the hardest worker of the 27
shukus. You are a person of energy and of executive ability. You accomplish things thoroughly, without fail. You gain respect and credibility. If you pray for divine protection your luck will turn for the best.                                                                    
Be careful about:                                                                    
If a person puts you on his side, he will depend on you. If a person turns
you into his enemy, he will be scared. You say one word too many, which often hurts people. You often get into trouble, as you are impatient, so be careful about that. You are more blessed with divine protection than any
other shukus.

張 宿 (Choushuku)

Support from Seniors

You deal with things in a serious and tenacious manner and complete them well. People bring good luck into your life in terms of wealth. This star is unique in that, in telling the fortune of those born under this
shuku, life is different for men and women. Be mild and gentle, and good luck will be on your side.                      
Be careful about:                                                                   
After men pass middle age, some become good and modest, and others become bad and overbearing. After women pass middle age, they become brave and reliable people. Many of them become masters of various arts.

翼 宿 (Yokushuku)

Persuasion & Diplomacy

Continue your efforts, persisting in your belief. You will improve your lucky life while travelling around here are there including overseas. You will be luckily if you leave your native place. A lucky goddess will accompany you when you are in trouble.                                                                            
Be careful about:                                                                  

You are religious. There are times when you struggle with poor relationships and have hardships. As you have a strong will, you stick to your opinion and belief  without changing them.

軫 宿 (Shinshuku)

Kindness Bringing Success


It is said that your
shuku is the kindest of the 27 shukus. Your fortune will get better if you have a patience. Be compassionate and keep harmony with people. And that will brighten the world. Eventually you will gain lucky life               
Be careful about:                                                                    
Try not to say compliments and criticize other people. Your
shuku have a deep relationship with the vehicles and the opposite sex. So be careful not to accept boring stories from others. And be careful for car accidents.

角 宿 (Kakushuku)

Communication Skill

You are the most skillful
shuku of the 27shukus. You have a lot of special abilities. Your shuku is that of play.  You get in touch with people sincerely and you will be able to make good use of your friendship. That will invite good luck. Your voice has a soft and pleasant sound. People will be happy to listen.
Be careful about:
If you are raised in a wealthy family and can get everything you want, you will grow up to be a playboy. Please be careful not to live involuntarily and meaninglessly. Don’t cause inconveniences to others and your family.

亢 宿 (Koushuku)

Confidence &
Business Ability

You have something unusual spirit, but you can always take leadership in your organization and play an active role. You are person with a strong sense of responsibility and a sense of justice. Having a good teacher will promise you.  lifelong happiness.                                                                   
Be careful about:                                                                      
You have a strong power to help people, but even if your beliefs are right, don
t reject other thoughts and dont push strongly your thoughts. If so, your life will change into the worse direction.



Courage & Patience

You are courageous and have continuous executing power. You will firmly stick to something and are sure to proceed step by step. You understand social awareness well. The key to happiness is to live in peace and calm.
Be careful about:
Some people are tenacious and eager to have own possessions strongly. Besides they want to get forcibly thinking only about themselves. Also, please keep in mind that feelings of likes and dislikes are intense If you endure them and keep them in your mind secretly, your physical condition may get worse.

房 宿 (Boushuku)

Peaceful Life

You are said to be the most luckiest
shuku of the 27 shukus. You are neat and elegant. And have good publicity. You know well how to keep good relationships with people.                                                                        
Be careful about:                                                                 
Since you are born and happy, you cannot share your suffering from the bottom of your heart even if other people are in trouble. Some people of your shuku have a habit of listening to misfortunes of others happily. In that case, later years will be lonely.

心 宿 (Shinshuku)

Friendly Expression

You are smart and behaves lightly. You are quick to notice other people's conduct, way of thinking. You have kind heart from the bottom of your heart.
It is said that you are strong in medical related things. And you are good at healing people's body. When you think about the happiness of other people and act for it, you will gain great happiness.                                                    
Be careful about:                                                            
Sometimes you think you yourself is the most important and you don't care about others. Please be aware that if you get angry and lose your kind heart, that will cause to bully other people.

尾 宿

Strong Will

CharacteristicsYou have the best concentrating power of the 27shukus. Your body is strong. You have. the qualities of a warlord and accomplishes things with an indomitable spirit. You can be athletes and engineers. It is notable that. this stars characteristics may strongly appear in women, Women also want to stand on the top and want to take leadership.                                            
Be careful about:                                                                    
You like driving a car and tend to be too fast and dangerous. In daily life, if you show your greed strongly, your good personality may disappear. Please be careful.

箕 宿

Unchangeable Will

You proceed with certainty toward your goals. Even if there are difficulties, you will not give up. Your best role is to be a leader and take care of people. The key point of your luck is to have good family.                         

Be careful about:                                                                     

If you often get angry by giving priority to your desires and thoughts, you will be distorted at work and at home. You are a hard worker but on the contrary. you will be lonely if you are addicted to gambling, female relations and alcohol.

斗 宿

Unyielding Fighting Spirit

You are the second luckiest
shuku of the 27 shukus. You are lucky with money and have good chance for occupations. The spirit of helping people is also overflowing. Your shuku is that of martial arts. You have a strong desire to win and defeat others. You are keen to polish and train yourself.                
Be careful about:                                                                   
It's good while you're trying hard and do not want to lose but please be aware that if you show your struggling spirit too strong, you will make enemies and you will break your heart and body.

女 宿 (Jyoshuku)

Talent & Leadership

Of the 27
shukus, your shuku is the strongest especially for women. You are intelligent and follow well the rules of the world and can judge right and wrong correctly. With a compassion for Buddha, your life will be very bright and full of happiness.                                                                          
Be careful about:                                                                    

If you oppose other
s opinions and criticize them you will be driven to expose your hostility. There is a big personal difference between men and women. Men look gentle but indecisive. Please note that if you are woman you may be disliked by having too much power and be bossy.

虚 宿 (Kyoshuku)

Spiritual Life

You are the most suitable
shuku for the spiritual world of the 27shukus. You have an unusual spirit, but you are the person with a clean intellectual sense and make much importance of your values of your thoughts. If you wish all people's happiness you are lucky.                                                            
Be careful about:                                                                     
When you do not follow the rules of something, people will disagree with your opinion. And they will criticize you. In such cases you tend to expose your hostility and will be likely to become lonely. Be careful.

危 宿

Sociability Bringing Success

Your shuku is that of play. You find a good luck in your social relationships. Because you are social and active that droves you to pork your nose into dangerous things sometimes. Youd better to think about providing a place for others to play instead of that you your play and enjoy yourself.                   
Be careful about:                                                                     
If you feel impatient and are unable to maintain harmony with others, you will be unlucky. In addition, you should be careful involved in the troubles related with water. And dont get close to dangerous things or places.

室  宿 (Shitushuku)

Travelling bringing

You are sensible and good at understanding people. You are blessed with the role of doing a great job. You will success if you respect seniors and give mercy to your subordinates.                                                                        

Be careful about:                                                                     
If you can praise the good points of others, that will be very fine. But if you are short-minded and get angry easily, you will be involved in disputes, arguments and struggles. When you notice it, you will be suffered from disasters or your heath will be injured.

壁 宿 (Hekishuku)

Collector of Information

shuku will live the longest life of the 27 shukus. Besides your shuku is said to be that of play. So you will support the people around you with your concentration and good memory. Collect many pieces of information and support people. Then you will be lucky.                                                    
Be careful about:                                                                   
Like the word wall, you work hard. But there are occasions that you will sacrifice your power to your family and relatives. You are well-informed of things that people don't know. But dont restrict your own spiritual world in narrow place. Try to have open-minded heart and keep up good relations with people.

奎 宿 (Keishuku)

Power from Ancestors

shuku will be protected by your ancestors best of the 27shukus. Let's think about it deeply. You are quick to put into practice. You work enthusiastic. You are said to be a person who can conceal. You can have a good relationship with your partner and friends. They will trust you.                                 
Be careful about:                                                               
Although your shuku is greatly blessed with the virtues of your ancestors, please be aware that if you neglect to train yourself and neglect your religious service you will be suffered from unexpected hardships.

婁 宿 (Roushuku)

Medical Service
to the people

You have a clever and precise brain. You are familiar to medical care, and you look after people's healthy conditions kindly when necessary. Good lucks are promised if you behave gently and kind.                                 

Be careful about:                                                                  

Many people will rely on your knowledges and kindnesses. So sometimes you may feel. painful. If you criticize what other people cannot do but you can. Be careful not to be born resentment by others.

胃 宿

Savior of Many People

You can get along with anyone and have a lot of energy. You are diligent, and patient. You have smart and clear brain. You can conquer whatever the hardship is. If you proceed steadily, you will be very successful.
Be careful about:                                                              
Because of your dynamic activity, some people may jealous of you. Also, as you have a very strong spirit, you may hurt some sensitive people by saying strictly what you want to say. Please be careful.